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School Visits

During the year, the GSCCA will make presentations to Island schools highlighting all aspects of an accountancy career either post-university or straight from school within the Island.

We will give you an overview of the opportunities available when entering our industry and what criteria you will need to attain to move forward.  We will also give an indication of where a career in the accountancy profession could take you, salaries and the type of work you may be expected to undertake. 

This is a fantastic opportunity where students are given direct access to the GSCCA and we would encourage students to attend these talks even if they are unsure if this is a career path they may follow.


Blanchelande College 25 Jan 2024 0830 to 0910 Mr H Tabel GSCCA 2024 Accountancy Presentation to Sixth Form

Ladies College and Elizabeth College      

11 Jan 2024       1100 to 1130      Miss E Dudin

GSCCA 2024 Accountancy Presentation to Lower Sixth      

College of Further Education 1 Apr 2022 1.30pm Mrs C Stevenson            Generic Accountancy Presentationt


School Visit Policy

Please download to view the agreement between GSCCA and member firms concerning school presentations.

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