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Why join?

As qualified or trainee accountants, your people have made a commitment to their personal and career development through ongoing learning and education. Among the primary objectives of the GSCCA, is promoting the education of members of the Society, delivered currently through annual, technical, general and tax update courses and regular lecture lunches equating to approximately 30 hours of CPD per year. Whilst attendance at our courses and lectures is open to everybody, substantial discounts on courses are offered for members - offering a significant return on the subscription fees and high quality ongoing training opportunity for your staff.



The GSCCA has a fantastic website which is continually updated to keep members informed of what is going on, For firms employing members, you may set up a Firm Administrator who can keep an eye on what is happening and enables one individual to book on behalf of firm members which simplify subscriptions registrations


Who can join?

Full members

Members of the organisations below may apply to become FULL members of the GSCCA

Associate members

Members of all other organisations which are within the parameters set our below may apply to become ASSOCIATE members of the GSCCA

Student members

A student currently studying to become a member of the professional bodies noted above shall be eligible for student membership of the Society

How much are Membership Fees?  

£55 Full and Associate Membership 

£30 Student Membership 

IMPORTANT - If you are already a Member but have changed employers and cannot log in, please do not rejoin 

You should log in using the email and password you originally set up on the website.  You will then be able to change your details in your personal profile.  If you experience difficulties DO NOT rejoin, please contact [email protected]


Complete the online application form below and pay on line at any time during the year.  If you are applying to be a Firm Administrator, there is no charge.  Renewal date is 1 December annually. Please remember to use Google Chrome as your browser.

Apply now

Member applications will be tabled at the next convened GSCCA Executive Committee meeting, in the interim, you will be deemed a member pending approval by the Executive Committee. 


The GSCCA only communicate by email, please ensure you keep your contact details up to date

Any Questions?

Please email Jane Underdown E: [email protected]